Here you will find some samples of some of the applications and games I have done for Virtual Reality.

Baldakinen is a Virtual Reality House Construction project that was finalize in the summer of 2015 with the erection a villa for one (1) family. Between 2013 and 2015 I used various head-mounted displays and (e.g. Oculus DK1, DK2, Viewbox, Cardboard, Gear VR) and the Omnideck Omni-directional Treadmill to design the house I now live in. Read the full story here.

3D model of kitchen (Unity 3D)

Outside view (Photo)

Upper floor (Unity 3D)

View of laundry room from inside the Oculus Rift (Unity 3D)

Mixed reality (Gear VR, Unity 3D, Photo)


Rayhands is a puzzle game made for the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. It heavily depend on Realtime Global Illumination why it requires a computer with a capable CPU and GPU.

Rays of danger (Unity 3D, Leap Motion)

Trying to unlock the door (Unity 3D, Leap Motion)

Talking to the Master Rayhands (Unity 3D, Leap Motion)

Level Overview of first puzzle (Unity 3D)

Looking back at the Future
This is a Gear VR educational game originally developed for the Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015. The player finds herself on a distant satellite moon called Endro, on which you have settled after the Great Migration (from Earth). The player can enter The Museum of the Past of Present where she will be able to listen to three different themes about past-, current- and future technologies.

The Endro Planet (Unity 3D, Gear VR)

The Museum of the Past and Present (Unity 3D, Gear VR)

Inside the Museum looking down at Greenfield (Unity 3D, Gear VR)

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